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Vendor Selection Questions


Lidiane Mocko:

Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays! The topic for today is CRM Vendor Selection. I want to make a distinction here: vendor selection is different than product selection. It is possible that, during your search for a CRM system, you found 3 different products that have all the features you are looking for. At this point you need to decide: which one should I choose? This is when the Vendor Selection becomes relevant.

Why are we talking about this?

We have met business owners that were not happy with the products they purchased. We had a client last year that was looking at products that were great for medium size businesses, but not a good fit for their business. There is a lot of marketing around big industry names, but that does not mean they are a good fit. We also have learned that quite often, small business owners make choices based on what other business owners in their network are using, without taking into consideration their own needs and requirements.

Here are a few topics I suggest you research about each vendor:

Is this vendor targeting small business owners in my industry? Look at case studies and blogs in their website. Why is this important? Because you want to make sure that their product will evolve in a way that matches your needs and your business growth. How long has this vendor been in business? What type of support do they provide? Does the type of support they provide align with what you need? Is there a good community around this product? Is there a Facebook group? Are there YouTube videos?


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