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Tips on How to Make Better Use of Your CRM During This Challenging Time

Customer relationship management systems (CRMs) are apps that help to manage interactions through contact records, keeping track of emails, sales, engagement, and more with your clients. We must embrace this difficult time and use our CRM tools to maintain close relationships with our clients. It is time to strengthen your relationship with your clients with authenticity.

Reviewing your data and reconnecting with your clients

Start by reviewing the information in the CRM for your business. What problems can you solve for your clients during this crisis? If you have been generating leads in your CRM, now is an excellent time to reach out to your potential customers and current clients and find out how this crisis is affecting them. All businesses are feeling the strain right now, but it's not just businesses. Consumers and patients are also being affected as services are being interrupted. If you're still open for business as usual, let your clients know that you are still here to help. Now is the perfect time to adjust your products and services to support others during this crisis. First, you must engage your audience.

Start with a simple survey:

  1. How have you been affected since the pandemic started?
  2. How has the crisis affected your spending habits, and what services you use?
  3. Are you aware of government support packages that are available to you?

These questions will help to engage your clients and make them reflect on what they've been missing since this crisis began. The reality is everyone's lifestyle is being affected. We can show your clients that even during these strange times, your services are still available. It's reassuring to them!

What to do if you had to suspend your services

  • track activities with your clients
  • attach your emails to your CRM
  • add notes from your phone calls
  • reminders for follow-ups

Internal Business Assessment

You want to make the best use of this time. Use the three questions below to find where your business is being impacted and how you plan to work forward. If clients are halting their services from you, now may be the perfect time to shift your attention to your business. Once you have evaluated your business and determined your next steps, ask yourself:

Where could I expand and change to be better than ever when this is over?

  • What project have I been putting off because "I haven't had the time?"
  • Are all my processes running as smoothly as possible? Where could I improve?
  • Is there a skill that I can learn, right now, and offer that service later?

Although these times are unprecedented, it has given business owners a lot of opportunities to review their internal processes and make sure all systems are ready to hit the ground running when life returns to normal. If you take the time to learn other CRM programs, practices, and management skills now, then it will pay off later! If you don't have a CRM and have time in your hands, now is an excellent time to start using one. You can begin by adding your current clients to your new CRM and create opportunity records for the last project you delivered to them. Or you can start building your pipeline with the clients you would like to target later this year.

If your business is struggling financially, make sure that you reach out to your CRM vendor to find out if they have any current incentives for relief services for loyal members. Several cloud vendors are providing discounts for their clients who have been affected during the pandemic.

Communication is key

Business relations, as well as business communication, are crucial elements for your business to be successful. Communication is even more important now that our businesses are facing tough times. Effective communication with vendors is essential. CRM solutions are a great way to organize, discover, and optimize your company processes no matter what challenges a business may face. CRM for small business is the right decision on how to build organized processes, improve contract management, productivity, and profitability‚ÄĒ capitalizing on the tool now may boost your business later!

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