The Urban Collective

Salesforce is much more than your typical CRM. It is fully customizable so that you can have the most relevant data for your industry right at your fingertips. 

Since you are on my site and reading the blog, you must have some interest in Salesforce or CRM systems. I want to share another Salesforce App success story with you. Let me introduce you to Ascendix.


Ascendix is a CRM product built on top of Salesforce to service specific needs for those in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. But what is unique about the Commercial Real Estate Industry that they would need special accommodations? There is A LOT of information that needs to be tracked in Real Estate:

  • Properties
  • Listings
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Tenants
  • Title Companies
  • Property Management
  • and many more.

There tend to be many more contacts involved in each transaction than for businesses in most other industries, and this information must be tracked accurately. 

The Urban Collective

I continue to have the privilege of working with The Urban Collective (TUC), a forward brokerage firm in the market for Commercial Real Estate in Denver, Colorado. TUC was already using Ascendix, but it was not configured in alignment with how they do business. They needed to have a clear distinction between how different disciplines of their business operate. There were also issues with maintaining the accuracy of their property information. 

TUC puts a lot of effort into researching properties of interest in key strategic locations. They then compile all the information they need about the property, organizations, and the contacts who own those properties. Once all this data has been recorded, it is imported into Ascendix. Ascendix provides steps and documentation to import the data, however there were still issues with properties not being linked to the correct contacts and accounts. We also ended up with some duplicated contacts and accounts. 

Why? In some cases, a property owner may have owned properties often from different areas from previous transactions, and they are already in the database. 

Our Solution

Our first challenge was to make it easier for their brokers to see the information about the owners of the properties they want to develop a relationship with. TUC also needed a more strategic approach to its business development activities. Together we reconfigured Ascendix. We also enlisted the Salesforce Flow; a business process automation feature allows you to implement complex logic without having to code. This new feature helped us improve the data import process and create a flat data structure that contains information about all properties and their relevant contacts and accounts. 

The Result

With the new Lightning App implementation, TUC had the perfect configuration in Ascendix. We streamlined the process for importing new properties, making it easier and more accurate. The result is quick access to data that we can trust. 

This has enabled TUC to adapt quickly during the time of COVID-19 and continue moving forward as a company. It has been so successful that we are packaging these workflows and will be adding it to the Salesforce Appexchange, and TUC continues to grow as a business when many of its competitors are declining in productivity and sales revenue.

Enough about us, are you using Salesforce? Do you need help to get the most out of it? Click here to schedule a discovery call.