Step three when setting up a CRM system: Deliver Transformation

Our May and June articles took us on a journey with our customer Laura, owner of Professional Content Writing Solutions. We explained how we went from a consultation to identify her business goals and discuss a sales funnel design that would help her select the CRM software aligned with her needs. Then we developed system processes using specific features that matched her business activities. This article is the final step allowing Laura to use the new system and realize a return on investment.

Whether you currently have a CRM system or need a new one, Small Business CRM Coach takes you through three steps to determine your current situation, where you want to be, and deliver results. If you have already been through the design and develop phases, pat yourself on the back for getting through the hard work. Talking about a system you have yet to use in abstract terms is challenging. It’s time to deliver a working CRM!

Deliver Phase

Once the CRM system is set up and validated, we begin data migration so you can see how well it works for your daily operations using real data. You’ll be able to:

  • Analyze information to make adjustments that streamline processes.
  • Build reports and dashboards using automated features and templates or customized fields relevant to your business.
  • Empower your team as they come up with ideas and suggestions for improvement, and incorporate meaningful changes.

The way to get the most ROI is to be sure your team uses the new system correctly. Contact records and segment information must be added to specific fields to ensure it is sorted and found with a few clicks to locate a customer or generate a conversation later. It saves valuable time and energy, lowering the cost of doing business while setting a higher bar for customer service.

Regular Maintenance

Are you done yet? Yes and no … like anything worth having, your CRM needs regular maintenance. You can make this part of your organization’s routine:

  • Talk to your team about the expectations of using the system on a scheduled basis.
  • Make sure you share your CRM dashboard with your team during weekly or monthly meetings.
  • Evaluate and ‘tweak’ the CRM system by applying the concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement).
  • Integrate the use of the CRM when onboarding new team members. Know what security settings are needed for their role. Make someone responsible for the training of new users and prepare them with a list of activities each salesperson is expected to track in the CRM system.

What to expect from a CRM that was customized for your business

Be prepared for growth. With a system in place, you have more visibility. You and your team will have more time. This will let everyone focus on other activities that expand your ability to add value to your clients. When you deliver more value, you get more business. The faster you commit to the new processes, the sooner you’ll see the return on investment.

As your business grows, it is common to adjust your CRM configuration to align with the necessary changes that come from a higher volume of clients. But this time around, it will be easier because you won’t have to question whether it is worth investing the time, money, and effort. You already know that you can do more with less effort when your CRM is aligned with how you operate your business.

The Final Outcome

When we met with Laura to review the data in her system, she was ecstatic! She started to see how much easier it was to manage her content writing business using the CRM tools. It made it possible to envision having a bigger writing team, staying on top of multiple projects simultaneously, even understanding her profit margin better and where she could potentially make more money. She could follow up with her best clients regularly and make them feel they were her top priority. Between increased repeat business and new contacts, Laura was well on her way to reaching her goals! She felt relieved that the new streamlined processes prevented important information from falling through the cracks.

Now you know what goes into selecting the right CRM for your business and implementing it properly before it can effectively manage your daily activities. This is why it is critical to do it right the first time. You have finished our final article on the Small Business CRM Coach three-step process to Design, Develop, and Deliver the right software to track your clients and potential sales. We will continue to provide insight on how CRM products improve your business, talk about options, and offer answers to common questions. Reach out anytime to go over how you are currently tracking your clients and sales activity. Ask us how to enhance efficiency or expand your business.

Do you need a better system? Contact us for CRM Coaching and Consulting to help you choose, update, and configure cloud-based CRM solutions with access across digital devices. Sharing information with your team and remote workers is simpler than ever!