Salesforce 2017 Small Business Trends Report

Salesforce interviewed close to 500 small business owners last year to learn more about what growing businesses are doing differently. In this report they separated the information based on growing businesses and stagnant businesses.

Here is what they learned:

  • Even though 95% of the 500 businesses in this survey are tracking customer information in some fashion, only â…“ of them are using CRM.
  • Growing businesses 2.2 times more likely to prioritize CRM in their budgets than stagnant businesses.
  • Growing businesses also focus on tools that support a consistent and personalized customer experience.
  • They use technology to support they growth, even though it is challenging for them to select and implement systems.
  • They are also more likely have their apps integrated with other apps, avoiding having the enter the same data in different systems.
  • The top systems they use include: productivity systems, financial software, security systems and CRM systems.

Click here to access the full report by Salesforce:

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