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Take FULL Advantage of your 

Salesforce CRM!

Small Business CRM Coach has the skill, knowledge and process to guide you as you to take ownership of your CRM and improve your system.

Take FULL Advantage of your CRM with Salesforce!

Small Business CRM Coach has the Expert Guidance that you need to take ownership of your CRM and improve your system.

I get it, CRM Systems can be difficult and frustrating to implement.

At Small Business CRM Coach, we understand that you want your Salesforce App to work for you. The whole reason that you started the process of implementing a CRM was to take a load off of your shoulders and free your staff from some of your tedious admin tasks.  But now you're finding yourself putting in more time trying to figure out how to configure and use Salesforce.  Are you starting to wonder if it's really worth it?

When you work with a Certified Administrator...

You can take FULL Advantage of everything Salesforce has to offer your business!

  • Streamline processes within your business with custom apps that are specifically aligned with how your organization operates. 
  • We make integrating Salesforce with your website and other apps easy. You apps and website will work together so you don't have to do double data entry.
  • Eliminate spreadsheets that quickly become outdated and learn how to use reports and dashboards within your Salesforce app.
  • Fully customize your Salesforce Dashboard so that everything relevant to your organization is easily accessible from one centralized location.
  • Receive training from your Certified Expert on how to use your newly customized app. Learn about the best practices, and how to use your valuable client data to increase engagement and sales.
  • Salesforce is constantly improving, so as your business grows and uses more tools, or as Salesforce ads new functionality, your Salesforce Certified Administrator will be right there with you, every step of the way to make sure that you are configuring your app correctly and continue to use best practices.

Without an Expert to help, implementing a new CRM can feel like assembling furniture without the instructions.

  • It can be difficult for your staff to adopt the new processes if your system is not configured for your organization.
  • Without a Salesforce Administrator, you're likely to incorrectly configure your system which will make it far less efficient and more challenging to use.
  • Without optimization and low adoption rates, you won't see the results that you initially hoped for when you decided to implement Salesforce.

Is a Certified Administrator right for you?

We want to work with you if:

  • You want to OWN YOUR APP!
  • You want to use your system to increase revenue.
  • Track data about your organization and your customers.
  • Use information from your past, current, and potential clients to maximize engagement.
  •  Ultimately, we want to work with organizations that are willing to partner with Small Business CRM Coach, are looking to receive guidance, and work together to optimize their systems.
  • You are interested in a long term relationship with a Salesforce Certified Consultant. 

We're Great At What We Do ... Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Small Business CRM Coach has been an incredible partner in our Development work at Rocky Mountain Prep.

Small Business CRM Coach has been an incredible partner in our Development work at Rocky Mountain Prep. She not only helped us update and build out our Salesforce platform but provided us with coaching that shifted how our team leverages Salesforce in our day-to-day work. For example, we now have a monthly process for reconciliation between our finance and development teams to consistently stay on track throughout our fiscal year. As a school network, our accounting is complex, so Lidi's insight and expertise have been essential to building a Salesforce system that makes this process possible. Lidi is also just a genuinely kind person who approaches her work with a sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and care for each of her clients. I highly recommend her for any and all of your Salesforce/CRM needs 🙂

Lela Johnson Manager of Development and Community Partnerships at Rocky Mountain Prep

Great Support For SalesForce Data Migration & Customizations

We'd been looking for someone to support a migration to SalesForce for a long time and Lidiane Mocko at Small Business CRM Coach was a perfect fit. She streamlined the process, supported our staff to implement and helped identify critical customizations to make the system work best for our nonprofit. She's also continued supporting us over time, helping us automate some other online processes. Lidi is solution-oriented, dedicated to us as a client and a supporter of our mission.

Kent MacLennan Executive Director, Rise Above Colorado

Start Working With

Small Business CRM Coach

We offer Salesforce packages starting at 60-hours over a 3-month period.

Why 3-months?

3-months provides ample time for you and your staff to learn the system while it is being configured.

  • During the first month we review your business process, prioritize and map out your configuration
  • In the second month we implement your configuration in a Sandbox for validation and training. 
  • In the third month we move your configuration to production and address any final adjustments.

It all begins with a 30-minute Consultation.