Rocky Mountain Prep

I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP). RMP was founded in 2012 with a mission for every child to reach their full potential through a rigorous and loving elementary education.  They believe that rigorous academics in an environment of love, inclusivity, and respect creates the transformational learning experience that sets RMP apart as a top option for students and families. Rocky Mountain Prep now has four charter schools in the Denver Metro area.

I started working with Rocky Mountain Prep in March of 2019 when Lela Johnston, the Manager of Development and Community Partnerships, reached out for help with their Salesforce app. Rocky Mountain Prep began using the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack back in 2013, but their system was outdated. They were still using Spreadsheets to track their fundraising pipeline.  Rocky Mountain Prep was long overdue for a system upgrade.

A Complete Overhaul

To better understand how they wanted to use Salesforce moving forward, we began an in-depth review of their internal processes. We also needed to configure a dashboard to make the most of their Salesforce system. We needed to display the most pertinent information for their organization , and make it easy for them to see it at a glance.

The new Salesforce Lightning Interface is a significant improvement on the Salesforce interface that they had been using for the last six years.

After a complete system overhaul, we make sure we stick with our clients until they are confident using the system. We hosted multiple training sessions with Rocky Mountain Prep to guarantee that they had a complete understanding of their new system, best practices, and how to use it efficiently. We want them to feel comfortable working in it and knowing they are getting the most value out of it.

A Vast Improvement

With team training completed, they were ready to jump right in, and our work together progressed from implementation to a collaborative process.

Together we

  • customized the opportunity record to match their internal processes.
  • created a personalized dashboard that upgraded the information they were tracking in spreadsheets.
  • configured scheduled reports in their system, which retired their old spreadsheets completely.
  • connected their G-Suite account to their new app, making it easier for the team to save new contacts, accounts, and opportunities in Salesforce directly from their inbox.

We also implemented a process to reconcile fundraising revenue tracked in Salesforce with their information logged in their accounting system. This process helps keep their information up to date at all times for auditing purposes. This was one of the most significant improvements we made to their system.

How Did This Help?

Okay, so this all sounds great, but how did this help Rocky Mountain Prep? It is now so easy to access all of their vital information from a centralized location. Lela now has more time to focus on her fundraising efforts and community partnerships. She no longer spends hours updating spreadsheets or gathering data for audits. She doesn’t even have to create reports because this is all automated now!

At Small Business CRM Coach, we also believe in our children’s potential. We agree that opportunities are not always available to everyone. Small Business CRM Coach is proud to support Rocky Mountain Prep with their mission.