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Salesforce NPSP Gives Nonprofits Wings

Non-profit organizations like yours work hard to improve our world in large and small ways. Their success depends on tracking donors, fundraising, and measuring their impact. But trying to track all that in Excel spreadsheets wastes hours of valuable time and gets confusing really fast. We invite you to consider CRM software to support your good work.

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If you think your non-profit is too small for CRM, think again. Let’s look one such software, the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, as an example. As its name indicates, it’s specifically designed for non-profit organizations.

Salesforce’s CRM pack isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, thought. You wouldn’t want it if it were, actually. But what that means is you can’t just plop it into what you’re already doing and gain benefits.

When we consult with an organization, we begin with questions to learn about existing business processes. Are they well established and working? Or do we need to start our partnership by helping you map procedures? Without that, no CRM can be customized to do what you need it to do.

Once we, and you, understand clearly the role CRM can play in reaching your goals, we can guide you through all the options to the best one for you. We’ll configure it to your specifications, oversee or carry out the data transfer from your old system, and coach your team to successfully learn and adopt this new tool. They’ll soon experience its benefits, as it saves them valuable time and becomes a growing resource that helps them nurture relationships with donors and volunteers.

Is CRM right for your organization? To help you answer that question, consider these four key benefits of CRM for nonprofits:

Customizable software that meets your needs

Each nonprofit has its own procedures and goals. A very important customization for nonprofits is to track outcome of their initiatives, report it to their donors, and keep their community engaged. With help from someone with technical expertise in CRM, Salesforce can be completely customized to track the information that’s most valuable to yours.

A certain operational maturity is necessary for the most successful custom configuration of  CRM. That’s why we invite an organization to examine their business processes early on as well as what data they want to capture. With that in mind, we can set up their system to eliminate wasted time and make it easier to make important decisions, raise more money, and cut expenses.

Make even more meaningful changes in your community by streamlining the efforts of your employees.

All your data in one place

We start by helping our clients move data from old legacy systems or spreadsheets into Salesforce. With all your data in one place, it’s easy to analyze information and watch your organization develop over time.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a powerful tool that allows nonprofit organizations to  compile all your data in one place, assuming all team members are utilizing the system as expected. This is one reason a good consultant will guide you in a strategy to improve buy-in of all stakeholders.

Integration with other apps

Staying in touch with your donors is absolutely essential. You thank donors, you show them how their investment is changing lives, you invite hundreds to your next gala. All these require up-to-date contact information and integration with other tools such as email marketing and event apps. This was what Rise Above CO, one of our nonprofit clients, experienced when we helped them integrate their Salesforce with Constant Contact and Eventbrite.

Salesforce for nonprofits integrates directly with your website to automatically save important contact information from donors and constituents directly to your database, making it easy to segment mailing lists to engage the people who impact your organization.

As your communication and tracking improve, you’ll see a real impact on the success of your organization.

Cost-effective solutions

Customizing a CRM for your organization will move you forward. We can guide you toward solutions that meet both your company’s software needs and your budget.

Adopting new software takes time and some specialized skill. Even if you are able to use it “as is,” you will need to be ready to invest either in a staff person getting training from SalesForce or in contracting with a knowledgeable consultant.

If you’re not sure about using a CRM, start with a free version and a few users to see how much it can benefit your workplace. Any nonprofit organization can get up to 10 users for free through the Salesforce Foundation.

Why do we recommend CRM for nonprofits? We recognize the importance of what you are doing and believe this tool can help you do more. Please, reach out to us. We enjoy working with nonprofits. Click here to schedule a discovery call.