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Salesforce for Nonprofits Saves Time Tracking Donors & Dimes

  • Have you heard about Salesforce for Nonprofits, also known as Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)?
  • Maybe another nonprofit you know is using it?
  • Are you wondering if Salesforce is a good fit for your organization?
  • Do you have questions about how it really works or how to get started?
  • Have you been using Salesforce for your nonprofit, but you feel like you need to be getting more out of it?

You're in the right place

It is mission critical to be tracking donors and fundraising dollars plus measuring their impact.

But trying to track all that in spreadsheets via endless emails wastes hours of valuable time.

Plus, it’s overwhelming, and gets confusing really fast.

Salesforce NPSP is the software made just for nonprofits to help you with your program management and round up all of your contacts, donors and dollars.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) a great fit for orgs of all sizes

If you think your nonprofit is too small for CRM, think again. If you’ve heard of or worked with Salesforce products and think it’s too much for your nonprofit work, really think again.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), is specifically focused for nonprofit organizations. Salesforce’s CRM pack isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is a good thing. You can tweak it to do exactly what your organization needs it to do.

However, beginners can’t just install it, load it up and instantly be CRM masters raking in all the benefits.

Adopting new software takes time and some specialized skill.

What's the first step to see if Salesforce NPSP is a fit for your organization?

We recommend you start with a free version and a few users to see how much it can benefit your workplace and establish what role CRM will play in your organization’s goals and in your associates day-to-day activities. Eligible nonprofit organizations can get up to 10 users for free through the Salesforce Foundation.

Organizations that benefit the most from Salesforce are the ones that plan and get training upfront.

Simply because it’s important for organizations to examine their processes early on so they know what data they want to capture. This determines how they will track the activities of the organization in the new system.

When we consult with an organization, we begin by asking questions to learn about their existing processes to help them get started:

  • Are you well established and working with NPSP? Or do we need to start our partnership by helping you install and map procedures?
  • What kind of information would help keep your donors engaged?
  • Where do you feel you are most vulnerable for losing track of donors?
  • How often do you need to track the outcome of your initiatives, in order to report it to donors?
  • What kind of information would help keep your community engaged?
  • How often are you currently sharing fundraising success data to help your marketing efforts?
  • How comfortable is your team using cloud based software tools?
  • How could a Salesforce expert help you customize your tools and reports to best serve you?

Together we can setup your system to eliminate wasted time and lost opportunities.

Guessing is a risk, but when time and money are always at a premium - it is critical to have your data in order.

Would you like to make important decisions faster and with more confidence? Every nonprofit is trying to raise more money and cut expenses. Capturing data and knowing how to use it is one of the most accessible ways you can do just that.

What does working with an expert look like?

Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 1: Discovery Call

Discovery call to discuss your main pain points, agree on a scope and a timeline for our initial project together. If you would like, we can schedule a short presentation to your board members.

Step 2: Proposal

Organization signs contract based on proposal from discovery call.

Step 1: Discovery Call
Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 3: Audit and Interview

Preliminary audit of your Salesforce App. Interviews with team members to understand their challenges with the system.

Step 4: Configuration and Customization

Customize the system to make it easier for your team to use it. Follow best practices and add new features and customizations to your Salesforce Sandbox.

Step 1: Discovery Call
Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 5: Test, Review, and Approval

Organization reviews and approves customizations. When final, we move them to your Salesforce production org.

Step 6: Training

Salesforce NPSP training how to adopt this new resource that helps nurture relationships with donors and volunteers.

Step 1: Discovery Call
Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 7: Coaching

Coach your team on how to use the latest features of Salesforce NPSP to improve buy-in with all stakeholders.

Step 8: Ongoing Salesforce Support

Determine your Follow Up Care Package based on skill level, size of team, budget and how much one-on-one assistance you’ll need. We have monthly, quarterly and bi-annual packages available.

Step 1: Discovery Call

How could a Salesforce for Nonprofits CRM tool help you?

Like you, Rise Above CO knows staying in touch with their donors is absolutely essential. For example, thanking donors and showing them how their investment is changing lives, or inviting hundreds to your next gala, etc.

All these require up-to-date contact information and integration with other tools such as email marketing and event apps. Salesforce for nonprofits integrates with your website to automatically save contacts in your database, making it easy to segment mailing lists to engage the people who impact your organization.

As your communication and tracking improve, you’ll see a real impact on the success of your organization. You can read the success that Rise Above CO, one of our nonprofit clients, experienced when we helped them integrate their Salesforce with Constant Contact and Eventbrite.

Make even more meaningful changes in your community by streamlining the efforts of your employees.

We can help you take inventory of all of your assets like email marketing tools and your website and help you figure out the best way to integrate them with your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

Customizing a CRM for your organization will move you forward. We can guide you toward solutions that meet both your company’s software needs and your budget.

We recognize the importance of what you are doing and believe this tool can help you do more. Please, reach out to us. We enjoy working with nonprofits.

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