Below you will find some valuable educational resources in marketing and Infusionsoft, brought to you by Monkeypod Marketing.

Free Resources

Monkeypod Marketing Lessons of Automation

Lessons of Automation e-Book

Greg Jenkins has spent thousands of hours helping small businesses get set up, and get going with Marketing Automation.

Of all the lessons learned along the way, Greg has selected the 5 most valuable and packaged them up in this ebook.

Monkeypod Marketing Nature of Nurture

Nature of Nurture

Generating leads is great, but not all new leads are ready to whip out their credit card to make a purchase. Often new leads need to be warmed up to make a purchase and you can do with a nurture campaign.

Nurture is all about establishing yourself as the expert, developing rapport, and delivering value to your leads.

Greg Jenkins has a fantastic e-book which shows you how nurture works.

Monkeypod Marketing Infusionsoft Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Greg Jenkins, founder of Monkeypod Marketing has a foundational training for Infusionsoft. His IS Starter Kit will teach you the Infusionsoft recipe for success

Plan + Tool + Training

Gain instant access to 6 select modules in this valuable resource with a FREE trial!

Automation 101

Greg's Marketing Automation 101 mini course is a compilation of advice and insights from our real world experience with marketing automation - think of it as the foundation for your foundation.


Greg Jenkins' Infusionsoft 101 mini course is a compilation of advice and insights from our real world experience using Infusionsoft in our businesses, and with our clients - think of it as the things we wish we'd known on day one.

Premium Resources

Monkeypod Marketing The Campaign Builder Trilogy

The Campaign Builder Trilogy

Take your understanding of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to the next level with this 3-part series from Greg Jenkins!

Like most tools, the more you understand it, the more powerful it becomes.

There is even a FREE Trial available to see if this course is a fit for you!

Monkeypod Marketing Life Cycle Markteting Real Life

Life Cycle Marketing
Real Life

There are too many small businesses out there that don't have a functional Lifecycle Marketing Strategy.

Greg Jenkins has put together this brilliant 4 part course for Infusionsoft users that acts as a step-by-step guide to articulate and executing a Lifecycle Marketing Strategy.

You can get access to the introduction module absolutely FREE!