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How to choose your CRM

An Online Course for Small Business Owners

We know Small business owners like you already wear WAY too many hats...

If there was a way to feel less overwhelmed, would you want to know more about it?

You may know that a CRM -- Customer Relationship Management -- system would help...
But sorting out all the options probably feels like adding one more task to the already-too-long list of responsibilities you’re carrying.

Is that what is on your mind?

Would you like to grow your Business?

CRM will give you the foundation you need to grow. When you start tracking tasks and follow-ups in your CRM, nothing is left behind. With more consistency, you will have a higher close rate, and consequently, more revenue!

You'll get answers to these questions:

  • How do I choose the right CRM?
  • What do I need in a CRM system?
  • Where do I begin?

You’ll see CRM at work:

  • How does data get into the CRM?
  • How does CRM relate to sales and customers’ journey?
  • How can CRM streamline daily work?

You’ll learn Key CRM concepts:

  • What should you consider in choosing a CRM?
  • What records and reports can CRM generate?
  • What features are available?

You’ll get help deciding on CRM for your business:

  • What features do you need?
  • What CRM products are out there for small business?

Would You like to have a few more hours every week?

A recent study shows that CRM users reported 30% less time with administrative tasks after they started using a CRM!


She really cuts through all the unimportant issues, to provide the best solution possible.

Lidi is very good at explaining what CRM is, why every business owner needs it, and most importantly, at explaining which tools would be ideal- or tools to avoid- for each business's needs. She really cuts through all the unimportant issues, to provide the best solution possible.

Melissa Lefcourt Owner & Massage Therapist Extraordinaire, Kailo Acupuncture and Massage

The biggest thing that learned was to nail down my business processes and my customer journey

I took this online CRM of course with the purpose of picking a CRM software and actually, the biggest thing that learned was to nail down my business processes and my customer journey. From the time that a prospect sees my ad on Facebook to the end of their representation, what kind of interactions did I want to have with them? What touches from my business did I want the clients to have? Processes that I want to automate, so they can run in the background while I'm focusing on the legal matters of their case.

I just picked my CRM software and I'm getting ready to implement it. It's been amazing to see it all coming together. I'm really excited about the time and the mental space that it's going to free up. Time that I can dedicate to my legal practice.

Katelyn Ridenour Family Law Attorney, One Accord Legal

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Merkle Group research shows that CRM Implementations have a 63% failure rate.
Don’t be one of those businesses!

You may ask -

Isn't CRM just for big businesses?

Today's online software and cloud computing makes CRM accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

How do I know if I need a CRM?

Do I need to buy a CRM to attend your course? I am concerned I can't afford one.

What CRM will we be using during this course?

What can I expect to get out of the course?

I already have a CRM. Will this course help me?

How much time will this course take?

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