Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko with Mocko Consulting and we are small business CRM coaches. This morning I am here with Gerri Pelto from Firestorm. We are part of Firestorm and Gerri is here to share with us their recent experience of moving from contactually CRM around to The Mission Suite.

Gerri can you tell us first, why is CRM important for firestorm and also tell us a little bit about Firestorm. Lidi, yeah, so firestorm is a networking organization and as professional business owners, CRM’s are very very important.

Thank you sure so why did you change from contactually to The Mission Suite? So we actually we looked at changing CRM as we’ve been actually looking at solutions for a couple of years now in managing all of our contacts.

And so there were many different decisions and it’s one of the main reasons that we we’re in the process of changing our website, and we made a custom website to change, and then we also found that concoction we just really give us that we we managed.

Yeah, so in this case like the first article wanted us features of a CRM system and also email marketing the same platform, and that’s important as you went through this process. I understand my dating today’s huh was considerable undertaking; huge, huge. Can you tell us like where did they come from?

I mean the biggest thing it took us a long time to decide a CRM and and to figure out what we needed? And we were pretty excited when we found the mission suite had all the functionality that we needed and that and like I said it took time to put that together, and we thought we were ready to go we had no idea the amount of time that it was going to take for us to put the data together before we could even use the CRM and I think that’s a big thing to understand is it doesn’t matter what CRM you have how fancy or how not fancy it is?

It’s all about the data that you have and that’s what makes the CRM effective and so before we migrated over to the mission suite I we used Eventbrite and so we had a lot of contacts and lists in data and Eventbrite we used MailChimp and so again a lot of data and a lot of our contacts were in MailChimp. We also had our CRM and so I had to take all the data from all of these three sources and merge them together and that sounds easy but it’s very very time-consuming process and one of the biggest things that I found is that people use different email addresses for when they use different systems and so trying to figure out that this contact has two to three, maybe even four different email addresses that they use and how to figure out that that is the same person so that you can get an accurate data on that person because maybe you know I well for us we want to know how long that person’s been in our system and how long have they been engaged with us, and when was the first time they came into our system? And they may have used an email address four years ago, and who’s in a different one now, and so yeah so that that was a huge undertaking to put all that so um dip proximate amount of hours that you might have spend on that sure so we talked about that you know

I wish I kept a log because I don’t know exactly but I think that it probably took me a good fifty hours to to put my initial kind of all of those lists together and, then, after those 50 hours, I realized that’s along the way I had made a mistake and I don’t know where that mistake was that and so I had to start over again from scratch so I think I probably put another 40 hours in after that, it was.

Yeah, so and then one of the things that the thought processes is like what are you gonna do with the data and like Jerry mentioned so they they send emails.

For people to eat to keep them engaged do you know when there are events in certain parts of town and they also send postcards.

So it’s important to have the complete address so those are things that she was checking for along the way to make sure that they have enough information.

So they can send the postcards or when they don’t she was trying to get it from their website or reaching out you know, yeah, and in the data migration is a painful process it is an important step and and that’s why I really wanted her to share a little bit about that experience because I think a lot of times the small business owners, don’t don’t fully grasp. What goes into it?

You know that you’re on the other side of the this a significant amount of hours that you spend on it.

So what are the benefits sure?

No, I’m really excited with what we have and I’m and I’m happy that I took the time to do it.

I think that there could have been a more efficient way of putting the data together

But I now can segment all of my contacts by where their business is located and we run events.

Different in different parts of town and so I can now you know advertise my events only specifically the people who can attend or are interested in attending? I have lists that are segmented now by business types and industries and so we can market to people only for their interest or for their needs so.

Yeah, it’s it’s it’s was definitely worth the time so and they’re using the mission suite the mission suite is a Product sold by another firestorm member which is iam combo, so thank you.

Yeah, yeah and we all benefit, s firestorm members we all benefit with them having a better system because in the end and the more business owners we have in the network more it helps us out, so thank you.

.Yeah, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Thank you. Bye.

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