What is Mocko Mondays?

We love what we do! But we know you might not enjoy spending your time reading app reviews and researching information about cloud based CRM apps. So, we decided to provide this new resource. Mocko Mondays is a program in our YouTube channel with general information about CRM and examples of how it is being used by some of our customers and small business owners in our community. Check it out, and please reach out to us with feedback. While you are there, subscribe to our channel to receive updates.

Salesforce 2017 Small Business Trends Report

Salesforce interviewed close to 500 small business owners last year to learn more about what growing businesses are doing differently. In this report they separated the information based on growing businesses and stagnant businesses.

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Mapping Business Activities In Your CRM

Today, we are going to talk about the importance of mapping business activities to your CRM system. Why are we talking about it? Well, in the last two to three months, we’ve run into at least three business owners who had issues with CRM Implementation.

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Step 2 to a Successful CRM Implementation: Engaging your Team

We have three quick tips on how to engage your team for a successful CRM implementation, because it’s very important for you to understand that one of the biggest challenges for your CRM implementation phases is adoption.

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Infusionsoft Implementation – Mocko Mondays

Hi, I’m Kristen Ennis, with Mocko Consulting, and today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and walk you through how we helped support a skincare clinic and one of the fastest growing small businesses here in the Denver area by automating their their business processed through an Infusionsoft implementation.

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