Kristen: Hello, and welcome to Mocko Mondays. I’m Kristen Ennis, and I’m here with Lidiane Mocko, and today were going to talk about one of our customers, whos using Pipedrive CRM. Last summer, Lidi was involved in a CRM selection process for a distributor with a growing sales team and a new remote employee. Lidi, would you be able to fill us in a little bit more on this clients business?

Lidi: Sure!  So John is a distributor for the Biopharma industry, and just like a lot of small business owners, he was doing a lot business development himself. He had a right man kind of guy, who was doing a lot of the sales with him, and right before we implemented this guy left. So, um, at that point he realized that he had some pain. And the pain was that he wasnt sure which potential clients that they guy who just left was interacting with. So, because of that, he couldnt do the follow ups, and he realized that he probably lost some sales in that process.
So, as he was getting ready to meet another person to the sales team, he just wanted to make sure that this time he would have more visibility over what sales activities they were working on and which customers they were interacting with.

Kristen: And im sure its hard to maintain that continuous customer experience when you have segments of data everywhere. So, how was John managing his pipeline before implementing Pipedrive?

Lidi: Oh yeah! Like many small business owners in the U.S. he was using Outlook and spreadsheets.

Kristen: We’ve all been there.

Lidi: Yeah. Yeah, and Outlook is great for email, but its not vey good for managing your pipeline, your sales pipeline. Because, when you have a reminder pop up on Outlook, normally it does not have enough context.  You know, your reminder from Outlook is not always connected to a contact-

Kristen: Or an opportunity.

Lidi: Yes, Exactly. And thats where the CRM makes a difference, because in a CRM, all the tasks, reminders, and activities that you have, they are always in the context of a relationship that you have with someone, or an oppertunity or a deal that you are working on. And also, you see when that activity that is coming up is related to a deal that is closer to wrapping up. And, as you know, a deal that is closer to wrapping up are the ones close to the money! So thats a much better way to prioritize than how we can do it in outlook.

Kristen: Im sure. And would you be able to provide any insight into what CRMs you looked at and why Pipedrive was the one that was selected?

Lidi: yeah, sure Kristen. We looked at 3 different systems, we looked at BaseCRM, Insightly, and Pipedrive. and, just to clarify, I didnt choose it, John chose it. The way we work with clients, is just, uh, providing them enough information. So we set up a trial which each one of those apps, and went through the main activities you perform in a CRM, which are kind of adding a contact, adding a company, adding a deal, adding activities to the deal, moving the deal from one stage to another. We did that exercise through the 3 systems, and in the end he chose Pipedrive. And he chose Pipedrive because its very easy to use, they have like a Kanban style interface. Do you know what Kanban is?

Kristen: No, I dont. Help me out here.

Lidi: Yeah. So it has, basically it has columns for each stage of the pipeline, and then it shows the all deals under those columns.  And then, for each of the columns it shows the deals, for each deal it has a card, and the card, and the card has little dots that are color coded. And, when the dot is yellow, it means there are no activities for that deal.

Kristen: Which, caution.

Lidi: Because if you have a deal with no activity youre not talking to the customer. Another one is a grey icon, and the grey icon shows up when you have activities related to that deal but theyre not due until a future date.

The green icon shows up when you have activities that are due that day, and then the red icon when you have overdue activities.

Kristen: And we all know how important it is, especially for sales teams, to stay on top of things. There’s a lot going on, you usually have multiple deals in your pipeline, and one of Pipedrives main mottos is “In sales, you cannot control your results, but you can control your actions.” What is your shirt here? Where did you get that?

Lidi: Yes, it has just the saying you just said. So i got it from pipedrive, because as you mentioned, I helped this client last summer, and we created a blog post for it, and we shared it on LinkedIn, and people from pipedrive found of about it, and their office, in Estonia, sent me this T-Shirt, so I thought i shoul wear it today.

Kristen: Love it. There are a lot of pros with pipedrive, and its excellent for sales teams, but did you run into any snags during this implementation.

Lidi: Yes, theres always a little something that comes up, they were not very big issues but there were two that come to mind. One of them is related to Zipcode. John wanted to make sure he had complete addresses for all his contacts, because he likes to send something in the mail, a little postcard, during the holiday season and other special occasions. So, Pipedrive is integrated with Google API for addresses, and it had an autocomplete feature, so when you start writing the address it pulls up the remaining of the address, however, this integration was not always bringing the zip code, and because of that to make sure the zipcode is saved. The other minor issue was when creating activities, if you wanted to add those activited to his calendars, then he had to do a few extra clicks. It was just not as simple.

Kristen: Interesting. Well its nice how you always find out a way to make it work. And thats what were here to do. So, we spoke a little bit about managing email communication earlier. Would you be able to fill us in on what email integrations are available through pipedrive?

Lidi: Sure, yeah. So uh, there are two main ways to handle your email. One is to blind copy or copy an email address that INSIGHTLY provides. And when you copy it, it will attach your email to the corresponding record in Pipedrive. And The other one is a two way sync that is available in a more advanced subscription of pipedrive.

Kristen: Nice to have all your information in one place. So what does John like most about Pipedrive?

Lidi: Thats an easy one. He really likes the dashboard. I called John a few weeks ago, to get an update, and within five seconds he was able to tell me he had 936 in his sales pipline worth 13 MM in revenue.

Kristen: Thats impressive.

Lidi: Yes it is. The dashboard also provides information like which ones are the latest deal that were adding to it, which deals closed recently, and overall visibility for how his sales reps are doing. You know he added more people to the team since then. And the other part of this, how its helpful, is, as you know hes a distributor so in a distribution business, the main activities is selling, and managing inventor to make sure you have enough on hand  when those deals close. So, now, having the Kanban style dashboard in pipedrive, and being able to see more clearly which deals are close to wrapping up helps him to be more proactive with his inventory management and make sure he has what he needs in stock for those deals that are getting close to wrap up.

Kristen: Yes, and thats quite a pipeline to manage, so im sure that Pipedrive helps them maintain visibility over his pipeline, and work with his team to coordinate over all the opportunities. So, one thing that I know about Pipedrive is that it’s easy to customize and its a great solution for small business owners that are sales focused and want something that’s simple and easy to use. If any of you have experience using Pipedrive, wed love to hear from you in the comments below, and thank you so much Lidi for walking us through Johns experience today, I hope you learned some great information about Pipedrive, and we look foreward to seeing you next week.

Lidi: And if you wanna read the full blog post, take a look at the notes below, we have the link to the blog post for this at this link. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel, you can also follow us on facebook, LinkedIn, and instagram. Okay, thanks again, and we look foreward to see you next week when well be talking about us, well share with you why we decided to partner and what we bring to the table, and how we help small business owners like you select the best CRM for your business.

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