Kristen: Hello everyone, and welcome to Mocko Mondays. Im Kristen Ennis, and Im here with Lidiane Mocko.


Kristen: Today, we’re going to be talking about one of our clients, who owns Chalets USA, which is a Colorado based Travel agency that targets European clients who would like to come to the US during ski season. Lidi, let’s start by talking about how you first met Helen, and what she was using before she implemented a CRM.

Lidi: I met Helen last October at the SBDC Women in Business Event. She was using Business Contact Manager, from microsoft, which is like a plugin which goes on top of outlook.

Kristen: And what were some of her challenges that she experienced with BCM?

Lidi: Well, BCM is a plugin on top of Outlook, so, for one it’s not cloud based, and number 2, it doesn’t have automation capabilities. So every time she was working with a new client, she had to add all  those tasks manually, which created quite a bit of data entry work.

Kristen: Yeah, a lot of additional work. And what system is she using now, and how  that going?

Lidi: She’s using insightly, she was very engaged from the beginning, she asked a lot of questions about the capabilities of the systems that we were looking at. We implemented a system back in April before she left on vacation. When she got back from vacation, she was operating in insightly full time. The automation feature she is using in insightly is helping her save a lot of time.
Kristen: That’s great to hear. And overall, how did this help Helen manage a business?

Lidi: Yeah, with Insightly, she created a sales pipeline that generates tasks for each stage of the sales process. She also has a project pipeline, so when a new customer confirms a purchase, she converts the opportunity record into a project, preserving all the details of the opportunity. And this is very important for her, because there is usually a gap between the time that people purchase their vacation, and the time when they actually come here for vacation. There’s usually a few months there, and you know how easy it is to forget things when there is that gap of time in between.

Kristen: And what about email marketing. Does Insightly offer email-marketing?
Lidi: Not exactly, Insightly has some email capabilities, but its purpose is customer relationship management, not email marketing. So, Insightly, has very good integration with MailChimp. However, Helen is using Constant Contact, not MailChimp. There is a connector app called Zapier, so every time Helen is adding a new contact to her insightly app, that information flows through her constant contact, through this connector called Zapier.

Kristen: Im sure thats very convenient for her, and I also know that Insightly is a cloud based solution, which allows Helen to access her data anytime, anywhere, even if she might be enjoying one of her Aspen vacations herself. Lidi, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Lidi: One of the things that Helen is using that I see a lot of small business owners don’t take advantage of it is what we call web-to-lead form. So, in her website, she has questions for her potential clients, about what their looking for in their vacation. This information when they complete that form is coming right into her Insightly app under the leads records. And before she left on vacation, that was clean and empty, and when she got back, there was a nice list there. Basically, she didn’t have to go through her email and search through to find all those notifications emails in the website; it was right there, in the CRM, and she knew what was her priority right off the bat.

Kristen: That’s excellent, I’m so glad to hear it’s going so well. Thank you so much for joining us here today for Mocko Mondays, we hoped that you enjoyed this video, and will join us next week to learn how a distributer is using CRM to track their opportunities. Please subscribe to our channel and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, for more information on how CRM can help you grow your small business. We’d also love to hear from you in the comments below on what business processes you’d be interested in automating.

Lidi: And if you’re interested in learning more about Helen and how she’s using Insightly, you can find in the links below a link to the blog post, where we talk about it, and also a link to Helen’s website, and her Youtube Channel.
Kristen: Thanks so much for watching, and have a great week!

Lidi: Yeah, thanks.  

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