Let's Talk About GDPR with Aiden Durham - Small Business CRM Coach

Let’s Talk About GDPR with Aiden Durham


Lidiane Mocko:

Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays with Aiden Durham from 180 Law Co. 

What is GDPR? Is it relevant for a small business?

  • Does it affect US small business owners?
  • What type of data? (employee data and customer data)
  • Data breach – 72 hours notice.
  • Article 30 – companies for less than 250 employees.
  • Right to be forgotten.
  • Explicit Opt-in.
  • More disclosures. Update privacy policy.
  • Concrete steps – create a policy.  

CRM and other cloud based systems

  • New features.
  • Vendors will be reaching out for legal data processor compliance forms.
  • Something that will allow clients to delete their identifiable information from cloud based system.
  • One of the CRM systems showed the ability to make all the identifiable data anonymous.


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