You’re probably reading a lot about how the cloud and software automation continue to make businesses run more efficiently. What you maybe didn’t know is that there are a lot of cloud systems that provide automation for small businesses. These two together add a lot of value to small business owners who use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. CRMs have become some of the most useful tools for customer communication, data organization, and business automation.

One CRM like this is the affordable and powerful Insightly, a program we’ve integrated into numerous businesses. We want to tell you a story about how Insightly helped a travel agency in Colorado, Chalets USA. This company’s target market is European tourists coming to the U.S. during ski season. This story demonstrates how automation and the cloud integrate to aid many tasks, that otherwise would take hours to do.

What Program Was Chalets USA Using?

The owner of Chalets USA, Helen Gienke, had previously used Business Contact Manager for Outlook. If you’ve ever had experience working with this tool, you already know that it’s not cloud-based.

Without the cloud, Helen could only access the data from her desktop computer while physically in her office, thus limiting her ability to be responsive to her clients. In addition, she had to enter all follow-up tasks manually for new customers. As you can imagine, this created a bottleneck and a lot of downtime. Helen needed something that could eliminate manual tasks and give her extra time to focus on other important things.

We helped Helen implement Insightly for Chalets USA. Before Helen went on a vacation, we began implementing this cloud based CRM system. When she returned Helen was thrilled to see all of the manual time-consuming tasks that are now automated!

Details on Client Inquiries

One of Helen’s favorite features is the ability to see details on who inquired about the agency’s services. Insightly calls this the Web to Lead form where new leads go automatically into the cloud so anyone can follow-up on them either while away or on return.

When Helen came back from vacation, she was able to get updated on her leads in mere minutes. Thanks to this feature, it eliminated her prior step of having to filter through hundreds of emails to find leads she could potentially convert.

You can appreciate that being able to start off your morning like this makes a good start to any business day! 

Creating an Opportunity Pipeline

Another great Insightly feature is its ability to let you create an opportunity pipeline with designated tasks for each stage of the sales cycle. Helen now has all her client tasks compiled through automation rather than entering these manually for each new client.

Can you imagine how much time it took her to type all that data in past months and years? With this alone, Helen can save herself half a day’s work time to apply toward other things.

Converting Opportunities Into Projects

Insightly’s automation feature also helps Helen take client booking details and turn them into detailed projects. Since many clients book months in advance, the owners need to remember booking details when customers arrive to the resort.

Through this feature, all details about the booking are saved for future reference, and nothing falls through the cracks. Every closed opportunity is now converted into a new booking project, preserving all the details relevant for a seamless customer experience.

Checking in On Mobile

The ability to place all data in the cloud means easy accessibility 24/7 through any mobile device. Helen can now check in on task status, new leads, and client contact information while on the go.

Using an workflow integration tool like Zapier connected to Insightly, new contacts are automatically be added to her email marketing system, Constant Contact.

Are there any business processes in your company that would benefit from more automation? Click here to schedule a discovery call.

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