How We Work

At Mocko Consulting, we help small and mid-size businesses make decisions based on facts and experience.

Lidiane Mocko has more than 15 years of experience with software, ranging from development to technical support and services, along with an MBA from the University of Denver. Her combined technical skills and business knowledge create a powerful resource to help businesses choose the right software and implement it.

Until recently, small or mid-size businesses could not afford to buy certain types of software, such as an ERP or a CRM system. The cost of this type of solution was prohibitive; not only was the software expensive to acquire, it was also expensive to maintain. Most systems require an on-premise IT staff to manage ongoing admin needs. These solutions were, for the most part, provided by big companies for big companies.

With the evolution of distributed software applications and the cloud, now there are vendors catering to small and mid-size businesses. Cloud software companies are providing solutions that are easier to configure and use, eliminating the requirement for full-time IT personnel.

Cloud software no longer requires large capital expenditures, such as the purchase of expensive servers and up-front software licenses. Vendors typically handle the IT infrastructure, changing software purchases into a subscription-model, regular operating expense.

Although cloud software is now affordable, it is still important to choose a solution that is aligned with the needs of your business. Small and mid-size business owners frequently make decisions based on referrals from other business owners, or based on the information from the sales team of one specific product. Another common approach is to engage one technically savvy individual to manage the decision-making process, who may not consider all the business functions within the company.

While referrals and technically savvy staff members are certainly helpful, the process of researching your needs and evaluating software solutions can be very time consuming. Mocko Consulting will help keep this process streamlined, without sacrificing detailed research and thorough evaluations.

The result? When a tool is purchased after careful assessment, the adoption and utilization rates will be higher as employees appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of your new system.

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