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How Insightly CRM Gave an International Trade Business Wings

Jill and John own a small import-export business. They match buyers of dried fruits and nuts with suppliers and then coordinate product delivery through international shipping.

Before I met them, they were managing their business contacts through Outlook and their shipments through spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets had worked — as long as they could count their shipments on their fingers. But as transactions had increased, the spreadsheets had gotten out of hand, you might say.

Spreadsheets for leads, for customers, for various product lines. More for tasks and projects.

Oh, and don’t forget the one for revenue forecasts. Yikes.
Managing all this through Outlook and spreadsheets was very time consuming and getting worse as they grew.

Jill and John were operating at capacity. Not good.

Problem #1: They needed a more robust management system. They needed a CRM.

Hold up a minute, you say — what’s a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system tracks your interactions with your clients. Insightly is one example of a CRM system.

Okay, back to Jill and John.

They decided to invest in a CRM. Problem solved, right?

Not really. Now they had other problems.

Problem #2: They tried to move their data into the system and use it on their own. It didn’t work.

They realized they didn’t have time to figure out how to set up the CRM AND keep their business operations going at the same time.

They also realized that setting up the CRM required them to know more about how databases work than they did.

Their frustration level rose trying to figure out how to configure the system to track their specific business processes. They were overwhelmed in a new way. They knew they still needed help and wisely sought it.

As John said, “Our business had reached a point where I could see no more up-scaling potential and I was worried that we would not find anyone who would understand our business and what we needed.”

Enter Small Business CRM Coach.

We worked with Jill and John for three months. We helped them configure Insightly, their chosen CRM system, and we coached them on the best way to track their business processes in it.

  • We did all this in a step-by-step process, to avoid overwhelm.
  • We reviewed their spreadsheets and guided them on how to customize the system.
  • We worked together to identify the stages of their sales and process pipelines.
  • We added custom fields to their opportunity and project records.
  • We mapped the new opportunity fields to the corresponding project fields.
  • We guided them on how configure the integration with email and with Mailchimp.
  • We showed up to answer all their questions to prevent them from getting frustrated with the system.

The Result

I’ll let John tell it:

“What we got went beyond what I imagined was possible. We were able to get to a level of customization that solved problems I had almost already accepted as given.

Small Business CRM Coach quickly understood our business model and the key challenges we were facing and came up with innovative and pragmatic solutions. This helped us think in a new way about our business.
It is energizing and motivating to see what is now possible thanks to our own customized CRM, and with Small Business CRM coach we have a partner to help us get to the next level.”

Our Secret Sauce is simple

We’re passionate about small business owners. They are our heroes.

And we’re passionate about working with systems like Insightly CRM to solve problems for small business owners.
How is your business? Is it growing? Do you need more visibility into your metrics and a better way to collaborate with your team? I have options for you. Reach out to me — let’s have a conversation!