Do you use Email Integration with your CRM? - Small Business CRM Coach

Do you use Email Integration with your CRM?


Lidiane Mocko:

Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays! Today we are going to talk about email integration. Why? Because a lot of our communications with clients and potential clients happen via email. When you are selecting a CRM system, one of the key aspects of the selection process is to make sure the CRM products you are considering have good integration with your email server.

About a year ago I worked with a small business owner who was looking into purchasing a CRM recommended by their accountant. The system his accountant recommended had good integration with Quickbooks, but it didn’t have good integration with their email provider (Office 365). When we worked together we evaluated. Which one is more important: integration with Quickbooks or integration with Email? Turns out integration with email was crucial! Most systems will integrate with Office 365 and Gmail.

Each product has its own implementation.

  • Some products provide a plugin that integrates with Office and Gmail.
  • >Other products use IMAP to keep the systems in sync.
  • Another common integration method is to provide an email address that you copy in your communications that will attach the email to the CRM contact record.
Do you use the email integration feature available in your CRM? How does it help you?