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Diversity in the Workplace


For this week’s Mocko Mondays we decided to change things up a little bit and talk about a sensitive subject, diversity in the workplace. Watch how Kathy Glenn and I became best friends by adjusting to each other’s culture.


Hi! This is lidiane Mocko with Small Business CRM Coach and I am here with my dear
friend Kathy and today we’re gonna talk about diversity in the workplace right
Kathy yes we are so we were here to share an experience with you you know
some of you might have heard and noticed my accent yeah I I was born and raised
in Brazil I moved to the United States when I was 27 years old years old that
was in 2003 so if you do the math you’re gonna find out how old I am I don’t need
to say that out loud anyway so in 2010 I started working with
Kathy in you know I changed groups with an organization and we were working
together right yeah thing yes we were working
together is our first project really working together yep
and what happened what did we do it was it was such a funny story I was at my
desk Lidi came over to my desk we were working together on an issue and Lidi
walked right up to me this close as we were me and you know as Americans we are
kind of really particular about our personal space so I really didn’t quite
know how to react to that so I just kind of rolled with it and didn’t say
anything to Lidi it at the time and then we became really good friends and so then I
shared that story with her and and we both have laughed about it ever since
yeah so basically lIdi here invaded her personal space
so I was born and raised in Brazil my mom has no concept of boundaries I
I love her to death you know but boundaries are just not a strength of you
know my family so what can I say and I have no idea
and I just want to give you some context here when this happened I had already
been in the US for seven years so can you imagine how many times I have crossed that boundry of invading somebody’s personal space
yeah Cathy now looking back what do you think what could have been different you
know what could we have done differently well I think if if I could have taken a
course or training of some kind in diversity of working different cultures
working together I think that might have helped if it contains the whole personal
space thing so hint hint for any age I consultants out there that are looking into
providing diversity training yes anytime they’re Latins involved or Brazilians
specifically please make sure you add the concept of personal space
yes it is it is important to from the American side that if I do business in
you know other places where there are different cultures and their personal
space in some other cultures is not it’s not a concept so it’s really important
that I understand as a business person you know that there are other cultures
that have you know different definitions of how they interact with people yes and
I’m accepting be accepting of that yeah yeah yeah and for me like what I learned
from it is being more aware that I have a
tendency to invade people’s personal space so nowadays I may sometimes I just
want it upfront you know excuse me I’m Brazilian you know I I come from a
different place I talk differently you know I have an accent and I kind of used
that as a disclaimer to set the stage you know yeah so yeah and from my
perspective like if if I had had some some training actually now you are in
corporate America let’s do a little cultural training yes what does it mean
to be around blue-eyed white people who like to have their own personal space that’s exactly right yes so anyways we are joking we are having a good time with it
but we thought it was a good story to share especially nowadays where there’s
so much a discussion around you know being inclusive about diversity in the
workplace and what does that mean and I think we we had this experience that I
think it’s meaningful and I am really glad anything that her personal space
very good yeah me too me too thank you so what about you do you have
any stories about diversity that you want to share any funny moments or
interesting moments we’re looking forward to hearing from you thank you