Garbage In, Garbage Out

CRM Spring Clearning

Tips to keep your CRM data sharp!

No doubt you’ve heard the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Well, it couldn’t be truer when it comes to managing your business data. A cluttered CRM will hinder your business processes and your customer engagement.

Your Challenge

You’ve worked hard to get your CRM configured just right for your business! It serves you well, and you’re growing–Congratulations! Now you’ve hired additional people, and they’re all working hard, adding new contacts, new companies, and new opportunities. As you may have already experienced, things can get really messy really fast if you don’t have some processes and guidelines in place to keep your information clean.

CRM Spring Cleaning Steps

We have some tips for you on how to clean and maintain your CRM data. In the spirit of spring, begin now! Moving forward, if you adopt this mindset and establish good habits, from now on spring cleaning won’t be so daunting.

  1. Host a team meeting to talk about data quality in your CRM. Stress why it’s important. Better data in your CRM will enable your team to provide better customer service.
    • Discuss the importance of having accurate contact information.
    • What types of notes to you want your team to capture during the sales cycle?
    • How can your team leverage your CRM to coordinating teamwork?
    • What data points are important for your company’s segmentation strategy?
  2. Host a training session to review the steps for adding new companies and contacts to your CRM.
    • Make sure everyone is aware that, before adding a new contact or company record, they need to search the system to avoid creating a duplicate.
    • Forgot to search? It happens. As busy professionals, sometimes we add a new record just to make sure we don’t forget. How do you handle duplicates created in this scenario? Review the steps to merge contacts and company records with your team. And review it again next quarter.
    • When you meet with your sales team to review your sales pipeline, take time to review new contacts and companies being added to your CRM. This way you can spot potential duplicates right away.
  3. What other processes do you need in place?
    • Do you have an email template for sharing more information about your company?
    • Do they need to apply a tag to add a contact to your email list? Or are there any other steps you team needs to take to add your new contacts to your email list?
    • What types of follow-ups do you expect your team to do with new contacts?
  4. At least once a year – in the spring?
    • Review these processes and evaluate how effective they are.
    • Which ones should you keep?
    • Which ones should you abandon?
    • Are new steps needed to keep engagement high with customers, prospects, and new network connections?

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