How to Configure your CRM

Online Course for Small Business Owners

You did your research.
You found a CRM system that is right for your business.
And now you are wondering: “How do I configure it? How do I start using it with my team?”

You’ve taken the first big step!

But the daily work of running your business doesn’t stop to give you the time to sort it all out, does it?
Yet for your CRM to deliver what you got it for, it needs to be configured to align with how you operate.
How do you cut to the essential and configure it for efficiency?

Don't Fail to Plan

One of the main reasons why CRM implementations fail is because of lack of planning!
With the right framework, you can configure your CRM in alignment with how your business operates.

When your CRM is aligned with how you operate, you and your team will be more likely to use it.

When you use your CRM, you will be more consistent with your follow-ups.

And when you’re follow-ups are more consistent, your sales will increase.

CRM is the foundation for your business growth.

You’re smart to invest the time to learn more about it!

Step by Step Process to Configure Your CRM

Don’t have time to figure it out? This course will guide you though the main steps of configuring your CRM.


You’ll learn how a properly configured CRM can help you grow your business:

  • What should you do with your business cards?
  • How do you set it up to automate and segment?
  • How can configuration contribute to a continuous customer experience?
  • What business visibility can you gain?

You’ll learn key steps to successfully implement your CRM:

  • Design your client and contact journey
  • Customize record types
  • Customize your sales pipeline
  • Configure email templates

Would you like to have a few more hours every week?

A recent study shows that CRM users reported 30% less time with administrative tasks after they started using a CRM!

Not convinced yet?
Learn what others are saying about the course

I have never had the opportunity of working with someone that had product that I felt so compelled, that I would risk my own personal reputation on telling you how wonderful I think this is.

I want you to understand that this is really going to be a change-maker for your business, if you decide to work with Small Business CRM coach on a CRM system.

I purchased a CRM system about six years ago for my CPA business and I have to say, I’ve really struggled configuring it. I understand a lot about systems but this was something that was very new to me and it was not intuitive for what I needed to do. So when I heard that Lidi was going to be offering a class on configuring your CRM, I knew I had to join it.

First of all, I was blown away by how knowledgeable she is on all the different systems. I was also impressed with her team, that helps her on making sure that these systems all work correctly. And not just working correctly, but working correctly for you and your business.

I had already purchased my CRM and this course helped me to confirm that I had picked the right system, but I had never configured it correctly. As I went through the course, I found out there were so many pieces and parts to the system that could help me save time and energy connecting all the dots and making sure that I was taking care of my customers.

And our coach kept on impressing on me to design my customer journey. I had never really thought about that before, but let me tell you, I think I will be a much better service provider, because I have a customer management system that’s going to help me make sure that I don’t lose documents and that I have responded back to everyone. It’s very important for me to make sure that my clients know that I have them as my number one priority.

And I think if you have your clients as a number one priority, you need to have a CRM system. If you don’t have one or if you have one that’s not working, please contact Small Business CRM Coach and her team or please take one of her courses, because I think these courses are very cost effective. Invest in the system, invest in yourself and invest in your customers. It’ll pay off in the long run!

Suzanne Baker

CPA, Complex Business Strategies

I’m sure you’ve heard you need a CRM in your business and you may be wondering, “What is a CRM? I know I need one, but what does it actually do?” There’s a lot of different parts of a CRM and the best way to hear about them is in this course. If you’re still thinking you need a CRM and you not sure what to do, definitely check out this course. Before taking this course, I had a lot of questions but it made it so simple. The exercises made me think about how to use my CRM better for my business, and it is totally worth it!

Nancy Gaines

Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Business Productivity Expert, Gain Advantage Inc.

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Merkle Group research shows that CRM Implementations have a 63% failure rate.
Don’t be one of those businesses!

You may ask–

What can I expect to get out of the course?

At the end of the course, you’ll have all the information you need to configure your CRM so that it’s aligned with how you operate. Best of all, you’ll know how to use the system and have a better idea of what activities you need to focus on from a sales and customer service perspective. You’ll also get one personal coaching session and access to our private Facebook page.

How much time do I need to dedicate for this course?

You’ll spend approximately 2-3 hours per week for six weeks. This includes watching our online course content and completing the assignments. You can work at your own pace, and we’ll guide you throughout. To be truly successful, you’ll need to commit to doing the work.

After I get a CRM configured, do I still need to enter data?

Yep. Your system is only as good as the data in it. We’ll teach you when to add data to your system, what type of data to add, and how to find the information later — when you really need it.

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