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Cloud Software Match Making Tip

Our Valentine’s day gift for you is a cloud software match making tip.

At Mocko Consulting we match our CRM with an Email Marketing solution.

How does this integration help us? It saves us time. When we add a new contact to our CRM database, the same contact is automatically added to our Email Marketing software. We use tags in order to segment our contacts in CRM, and this segmentation is maintained in the Email Marketing platform, making it easier for us to target our communications.

CRM and Email Marketing software combinations

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We use Insightly (CRM) and MailChimp (Email Marketing). Do you use a different CRM? No problem, there are several options available in the market:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Click Dimensions
  • Salesforce CRM and Constant Contact
  • Base CRM and MailChimp
  • Highrise CRM and DirectIQ
  • Contactually and Emma

Would you like to save some time, too? Contact us to talk about making your software work better together.