How Rise Above Is Managing Their Network of Contacts Better Than Ever

We have been extremely fortunate to work with some great clients, and solve some tough but ultimately rewarding challenges. Implementing a CRM is often a overwhelming task for many but if you work with the right team, it becomes a less stressful process. Ultimately, the goal is to create a smooth transition that keeps sensitive data while providing some much-needed automated support via the CRM.

4 Tips to Choose the Best CRM for Your Small Business

If you manage the sales team for a growing small business, you have your work cut out for you.  Every week, there are more leads to follow up on, and they’re all different.  They all became leads on different dates, they all have different needs and wants, and they’ve all had different interactions with different sales reps.

There’s John Smith, and one of your sales reps, Harry, is pursuing him.  He became a lead 6 months ago.  Harry’s called him 4 times, and in one of those calls he told Harry he doesn’t like calls after 4 p.m.  You’ve sent him 16 emails and a packet of promotional materials.  He’s been on your website 5 times and read one of your eBooks.

Then there’s Mary Jones, whom another rep, Jim, is after.  Mary just became a lead last week.  Jim called her once, and during that call she told Jim she doesn’t like calls—she prefers emails.  So, you’ve sent her your introductory, welcome email.  She’s been on your website twice, first when she filled out an online form and read a blog, and a second time when she read the same eBook as John

That’s a lot to remember, or to manage with Excel spreadsheets.  Now multiply it by 5, or 10, or 100, or 1,000.  How do you keep track of all those interactions, preferences, and varying degrees of sales-readiness?


Why Pipedrive CRM for a Distribution Company?

John is the owner of a Colorado based distribution company. He recently hired Mike to help him with sales. Mike lives in Kansas. With a growing sales team, John wanted more visibility over how sales activities are progressing.

In small organizations, when the sales team hears that now they will have a CRM, their first instinct is to resist, because they worry they will be micromanaged.

This was not a problem in John’s organization. Mike used a CRM in his previous job. He understands that tracking sales activities in CRM would give John visibility over his workload. It would also enable John to be proactive, and take action to support Mike in his role when necessary.