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The Special Challenges of Nonprofits and How CRM Can Help

Nonprofit organizations work hard to make our world better. They often appeal to us to help them meet needs and support causes that touch our hearts.

But they have a need of their own that people rarely think about unless they have worked in a nonprofit, a need that directly affects their ability to achieve their mission.

They need up-to-date technology to manage processes and programs.

Specifically, they need CRM.

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How Insightly CRM Gave an International Trade Business Wings

Jill and John own a small import-export business. They match buyers of dried fruits and nuts with suppliers and then coordinate product delivery through international shipping.

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Leverage your business with CRM Software

If you own a business you understand the value of your customers and prospects. That’s why it is so important to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. Converting sales leads into customers and making regular customers enthusiastic promoters of your business are both critical for business growth. And just as important, curtailing customer complaints before they cause damage is something else that is critical to your business. Without a clear plan for damage control or to manage the leads that come in, your business could suffer.

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5 Business Apps to Get Started as a Solopreneur

You knew in your bones you could make it on your own as a consultant or subcontractor. You were tired of using your skills as someone else’s employee, so you decided to start your own business. Now you have mixed feelings. You’re relieved, because now you are your own boss. But perhaps you are also […]

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International Travel Agency Using Insightly: Integrating the Cloud and Automation

International Travel Agency Using Insightly: Integrating the Cloud and Automation. Use the Cloud to help you create ease in your business!

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Things to Consider when Implementing CRM Software

A common topic of CRM implementation is choosing between on-premise versus cloud or partner hosted solution. Here’s some of the things you need to consider.

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6 Steps to get your Small Business on a Cloud CRM

The Challenge I recently met “Joe”, a small business owner who is having issues with his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Joe has a CRM software application designed for small businesses, and it is installed locally.

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