Case Study: Golden Civic Foundation - Small Business CRM Coach
Golden Civic Foundation

Case Study: Golden Civic Foundation

At Small Business CRM Coach, our goal is to help small and mid-size businesses make decisions based on facts and experience. The core of our business is helping you implement the best CRM software solution
for the way you do business. We have had the pleasure of working with a magnitude of great business owners that started right from the beginning. I wanted to share with you a case study on my Salesforce clients, Golden Civic Foundation (GCF).

Heather Schneider, GCF Executive Director, took a CRM workshop with me in March 2019 at Connects Workspace. Before this workshop, Heather was managing the foundation using spreadsheets and email. It was time-consuming and challenging to gather information for the activities of the organization. Heather had investigated using Salesforce years before, but she didn't know how to get started. She said she was overwhelmed to think about how to go about this implementation. Often, the questions that circulate business owners regarding using CRMs as a tool are all along the same lines for each client. Heather was no different:

  • How do I begin?
  • What exactly can Salesforce do for my nonprofit?
  • Which is the best strategy for our goals?

Our very first step started with Heather’s Discovery Call to discuss her main pain points. We discussed the scope and timeline for our initial project together. Questions that help navigate the process and strategy to use included:

  • Are you already established with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)?
  • How comfortable is your team with using cloud-based software tools?
  • What kind of information would help keep your donors and your community engaged?

Then, I presented a proposal with her nonprofit’s goals in mind to best move forward. We started the Salesforce NPSP implementation in June 2019. I helped her set up her trail with Salesforce and introduced her to one of the account managers in Salesforce who helped her to go through the approval process for the free version of Salesforce for nonprofit organizations. (Yes, Salesforce allows nonprofits to have up to 10 users for free!)

We can do the same for you. In this preliminary audit, we will conduct interviews with members of your team to get a better understanding of the challenges they regularly face with your current system. It's
important to examine your processes early so that we know what data you want to capture. This will help us determine how we will track the activity of your organization in the new system.

  • Where do you feel most vulnerable when it comes to losing track of donors?
  • What changes with your current tools (overall functionality, reports, etc.) would be most helpful?
  • What can we implement to serve you best?

Golden Civic Foundation hosts two major events for fundraising every year.

Golden Summer Jam and the Gala & Auction (also known as the event of the year in Golden). And we needed to get their team on track and running as smoothly as possible. By this stage, we knew the biggest challenges and were ready to make the system work best for them. These are just a few of the pieces we implemented.

  1. We customized Salesforce to track donations as well as donation distributions that GCF providers to their small business community.
  2. We used Salesforce to track the process to receive applications from small business organizations who apply for the Grants that GCF provides.We configured the integration of Salesforce with Give Lively to create a “donate now” option on their website and launch their monthly giving program. This integration allows GCF to receive the money directly in their bank account. For each donation received, a donation record is created in Salesforce. With this configuration now GCF has a fully automated process to receive and process their recurring donations.
  3. We trained their team on how to use Salesforce NPSP to track contributions from households and other organizations.
  4. We set up their app to segment their volunteer contacts, and now it is easy for them to send emails to all their volunteers straight out of Salesforce when they need to ask for help or provide information about new volunteer assignments.
  5. We provided training and guidance on the use of Salesforce Campaigns and how to send mass emails from Salesforce, allowing GCF to streamline their communications about their events and their programs.
  6. We classified configured reports to group donations to mirror their Quickbooks configuration, allowing them to reconcile/match fundraising efforts with information that is in Quickbooks.
  7. We made a dashboard to track fundraising efforts and program giving. AND THE LIST GOES ON!

It is mission critical for Nonprofit organizations to track donors and fundraising dollars while measuring their impact.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack was developed just for Nonprofits to make tracking all of your contact information, donors, and donations as easy as possible!

No organization is too small to use a CRM. Setting up your first CRM can be a daunting task. Adopting new software always takes some time and specialized skill. The good news is that Salesforce can be tweaked to do exactly what your organization needs it to do, and the Nonprofit Success Pack is specifically designed with a focus on helping Nonprofit organizations. We recognize the importance of your mission and want to help you do more! We can:

  • take inventory of all of your tools, including marketing tools and your website, and find the best way to integrate them with the Nonprofit Success Pack.
  • implement the best strategies for tracking donor information and donations.
  • increase overall efficiency throughout your organization.
  • capture data and teach you how to use it!
  • help you raise more money while cutting your expenses!

We have worked with so many amazing nonprofits that are reaching new heights all because of CRMs and systems that are focused toward their goals.

This case study of Golden Civic Foundation and their Executive Director, Heather is just one of several success stories. The process of researching your needs and evaluating software solutions that fit those needs can be very overwhelming and highly time-consuming. Small Business CRM Coach will help keep this process streamlined without sacrificing detailed research and thorough evaluations.

Result - When a tool is purchased after a thorough assessment of your business needs and processes, the adoption and utilization rates will be significantly higher, as will your ROI. You’ll have more time to do what you wanted to do in the first place – take care of your constituents!

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