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5 Steps to Consider When Replacing Salesforce With Another CRM

I have worked with many small organizations that were using Salesforce but had never customized the system to make it more aligned with their business. Some of them signed up for Salesforce simply because they understood Salesforce to be a leader in the industry. That’s very true, but without a plan and without configuring their […]

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Business Process

The Dance Between Business Process and Systems

As a small business owner, you will have processes and systems in place that are unique to your business. They’re executed regularly to sell your products and services. But what is a business process? Tecnopedia’s definition of business processes is a:​”wide range of structured, often chained activities or tasks conducted by people or equipment to produce […]

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The Urban Collective

The Urban Collective & Ascendix

Salesforce is much more than your typical CRM. It is fully customizable so that you can have the most relevant data for your industry right at your fingertips. Since you are on my site and reading the blog, you must have some interest in Salesforce or CRM systems. I want to share another Salesforce App success […]

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Rocky Mountain Prep

Salesforce NPSP Upgrade for Rocky Mountain Prep

I started working with Rocky Mountain Prep in March of 2019 when Lela Johnston, the Manager of Development and Community Partnerships, reached out for help with their Salesforce app. Rocky Mountain Prep began using the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack back in 2013, but their system was outdated, and they were long overdue for a system upgrade.

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Rise Above Colorado

A Dynamic Nonprofit Adapting in Times of COVID

With such an important mission, Rise Above Colorado’s message needs to be heard by our youth. Rise Above Colorado has implemented a unique and effective way to reach out to our teens and keep them engaged.

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Golden Civic Foundation

Case Study: Golden Civic Foundation

We have had the pleasure of working with a magnitude of great business owners that started right from the beginning. I wanted to share with you a case study on my Salesforce clients, Golden Civic Foundation (GCF).

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Tips on How to Make Better Use of Your CRM During This Challenging Time

We must embrace this difficult time and use our CRM tools to maintain close relationships with our clients. It is time to strengthen your relationship with your clients with authenticity.

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Summary of Insightly 2019 Q1 update

On February 13th Insightly hosted their Q1 Product update call.
They shared exciting news about some great new features that will be coming up in the next few weeks. In this blog post I am sharing their product updates based on the subscription level, just so it is easy for you to identify which updates are relevant for you.

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The Special Challenges of Nonprofits and How CRM Can Help

Nonprofit organizations work hard to make our world better. They often appeal to us to help them meet needs and support causes that touch our hearts.

But they have a need of their own that people rarely think about unless they have worked in a nonprofit, a need that directly affects their ability to achieve their mission.

They need up-to-date technology to manage processes and programs.

Specifically, they need CRM.

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How Insightly CRM Gave an International Trade Business Wings

Jill and John own a small import-export business. They match buyers of dried fruits and nuts with suppliers and then coordinate product delivery through international shipping.

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