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Got Business Cards? Awesome CRM Business Card Scanning Apps will Get You Organized

If you do any amount of face-to-face networking, you know how business card quickly pile up. Once your wallet or organizer fills up, you dump the business cards you’ve collected in a file or drawer. Or maybe you wait until you have enough cards to wrap them with rubber band and store in a cute box, like this one!

Sure, it’s good to have those cards lying around for when you need to get in touch with a contact. But with so many cards, can you reliably find the contact you’re looking for in a timely manner? Unless you are super organized, it’s tough to find the card you need at the moment you need it.

Business Card Scanning Apps

Improvements in photo processing technology have enabled developers to create a new way to organize business cards. This innovative technology instantly digitizes any business cards you get with a quick snapshot from your smartphone!

With apps for mobile devices, you can scan cards anywhere while you’re networking and instantly add contacts to your CRM system. You can manage and access these contacts from anywhere you access your cloud-based CRM.

They’re intelligent, which means that your business card scanning app can figure out what the name, company, and title of contacts, break down multiple phone numbers and email addresses, and organize all of this information appropriately before adding the contact to your address book.

When you are looking for a business card contact, you can search through the cards you’ve scanned by name, company, title, or industry. It truly makes managing business cards intuitive and instantaneous.

Problem solved! Business card scanning apps streamline contacts you make face-to-face and adds them to your CRM as quickly and efficiently as any digitally generated leads!

Maximize the Power of Your CRM Software

Business card scanning apps are a great way to maximize the use of your CRM.

Optimizing your CRM system for your business means using the system to consolidate as much information as possible. As the software becomes more intelligent, more information will help your CRM provide more thorough analytics and performs at its best.

By scanning business card contacts into your CRM, you are enabling the system to work for you. It can take the information from a business card and add it to your database. Later, when you need to access a certain type of contact, your CRM system can find all relevant business cards you’ve collected and scanned into the system.

CRM Service Providers who Offer Business Card Scanning

You may be surprised to learn that your CRM software provider offers business card scanning – many do – and you may already be paying for the service. Find out if your CRM has a compatible business card scanning app and if the service is included in your current software suite.

If your company uses Salesforce, CamCard is a business card scanning app that integrates with Salesforce. You can even try CamCard for Salesforce free.

Any Insightly CRM subscription comes with a number of business card scans per user per month, so if you are using Insightly, you already have access to the business card scanning feature. Find out how to use Insightly’s mobile interface to use this feature!

Infusionsoft is an automated marketing software suite which performs basic CRM as well. The subscription come with business card scanning, so if you use Infusionsoft, you may be able to use its business card scanner.

A great feature of using Infusionsoft’s business card scanner is that you can ask Infusionsoft to include newly scanned contacts into your marketing contacts list. The system can potentially send marketing information to your new contact in a matter of minutes after scanning the card!

Zoho offers a business card scanning app. It’s a part of their mobile platform and instantly syncs with your existing Zoho CRM database.

FullContact is a contact-specific organizer that integrates with Google contacts, iCloud and Office 365. Its free version allows a small number of business card scans, so with a bit of syncing, you can potentially use FullContact to get some business card scans into your CRM.

As more CRM providers catch up, yours will probably roll out some version of this convenient technology for your use. It’s well worth looking up.

Happy scanning!