Creative Connections Pitch Award

This week, I am sharing with you about an organization named Creative Connections! Creative Connections is a MeetUp group designed to gather talented professionals together and discuss business ideas and strategies. Last December, they hosted their first Pitch Off event and I got an award for my presentation. I encourage you to join this organization to network and collaborate with other creative entrepreneurs in their respect industries. To learn more about Creative Connections, visit them at…

How CRM Helped my Business

For this week’s Mocko Mondays I interviewed Jill Eelkema, an Aging Services Consultant from Western Care Partners., talking about how much a CRM has helped her business for both B2B and B2C consulting.

Digitally Enhanced Productivity Workshop Presented by Debi Davis

Debi Davis, founder of 3D Communications Inc., created a free workshop at Connect Workspace in Golden, CO., talking about how to build a digital productivity strategy capable of keeping you on time and on track, with access to information you need, when you need it. She allowed Lidi to share about CRM systems and how it can benefit small business owners!