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Summary of Insightly 2019 Q1 update

On February 13th Insightly hosted their Q1 Product update call.
They shared exciting news about some great new features that will be coming up in the next few weeks. In this blog post I am sharing their product updates based on the subscription level, just so it is easy for you to identify which updates are relevant for you.

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The Special Challenges of Nonprofits and How CRM Can Help

Nonprofit organizations work hard to make our world better. They often appeal to us to help them meet needs and support causes that touch our hearts.

But they have a need of their own that people rarely think about unless they have worked in a nonprofit, a need that directly affects their ability to achieve their mission.

They need up-to-date technology to manage processes and programs.

Specifically, they need CRM.

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How Insightly CRM Gave an International Trade Business Wings

Jill and John own a small import-export business. They match buyers of dried fruits and nuts with suppliers and then coordinate product delivery through international shipping.

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Let’s Talk About CRM Systems with Will Rutledge

Transcript: This week we got the opportunity to interview Will Rutledge, a Denver-based videographer and photographer offering corporate, ecommerce, and documentary work. We talked about his company and how he uses a CRM system to help his business! Find Will Rutledge! Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: @willrutledgestudio

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Workflow Automation with Christina Savage

Transcript: This week’s topic of discussion is workflow automation! Most of our clients come to us not knowing how to use their CRM and needing help on how to make it better. In this video, you will learn how we are able to use workflow automation, to help small business owners integrate and automate as […]

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Let’s Talk About GDPR with Aiden Durham

Transcript: Lidiane Mocko: Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays with Aiden Durham from 180 Law Co.  What is GDPR? Is it relevant for a small business? Does it affect US small business owners? What type of data? (employee data and customer data) Data breach […]

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Vendor Selection Questions

Transcript: Lidiane Mocko: Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays! The topic for today is CRM Vendor Selection. I want to make a distinction here: vendor selection is different than product selection. It is possible that, during your search for a CRM system, you found 3 different […]

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Leverage your business with CRM Software

If you own a business you understand the value of your customers and prospects. That’s why it is so important to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. Converting sales leads into customers and making regular customers enthusiastic promoters of your business are both critical for business growth. And just as important, curtailing customer complaints before they cause damage is something else that is critical to your business. Without a clear plan for damage control or to manage the leads that come in, your business could suffer.

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Forecasting for Small Business Growth

As a consulting firm serving the small business community, we often run into small business owners who don’t have a business forecast. Without one business owners may be missing key opportunities because they can’t define a strategic direction that will enable their business to scale.

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Do you use Email Integration with your CRM?

Transcript: Lidiane Mocko: Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, your Small Business CRM coach. Welcome to another episode of Mocko Mondays! Today we are going to talk about email integration. Why? Because a lot of our communications with clients and potential clients happen via email. When you are selecting a CRM system, one of the key […]

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