We are proud to be Acuity Scheduling Certified Expert! 

So… What is Acuity Scheduling

It is a scheduling system for small business owners.

It helps you to make it easier for your clients to schedule time with you. With Acuity Scheduling your clients can schedule their appointments on their own, directly from your website. If you got to this page, you probably already know all this… 

You are in the right place if…


You are busy and you don’t have time to figure out how to configure Acuity Scheduling. 


You need help to integrate Acuity Scheduling with your Zoom, Zapier or other apps.  


You need help to configure your Calendars and Appointment Types in Acuity. 

You want to talk to someone directly about your business and your goals with your scheduling system. 

Here is the most important question: How can we help YOU? 

  • We can help you to answer questions and troubleshoot specific issues with your Acuity Scheduling App. 
  • We can make this a business strategy session to help you identify what configurations are the most relevant for your business. 
  • We ask you a lot of questions before getting started, to make sure we can make the most of our time together. 
  • Our sessions are 1 hour long.
  • If you need custom development, we will discuss it during our call and send you an estimate about any custom development. We will NOT write any code during out zoom session with you. 

If you got to this point, you might ask, who are you? 

Fair question. 

I am Lidiane Mocko. I live in Lakewood, Colorado. I help small business owners with CRM systems.

Now you are thinking: hold on a minute, I want a scheduling expert, not a CRM expert!

Before you go away, let me tell you more… 

In 2016 one of our CRM clients decided that they wanted to use Acuity Scheduling. They wanted Acuity integrated with Infusionsoft. So, we built a connector app. Scheduler Link.

Since them we have had several clients using our connector, and we have helped them to configure all kinds of integrations with Acuity Scheduling.