Hi, I am Lidiane Mocko, and I’m here for another episode of Mocka Mondays. This is the first of a series of videos with the steps for successful CRM implementation. Your business is growing, your team is growing, and you know Outlook and excel are not enough to keep track of your clients You have chosen your CRM, and you’re ready to move forward. How do you get started? Well the first step in this journey is to lead by example. Show interest in the implementation process. Stay engaged. Share with your team how you envision the system helping the organization. We also have a warning for you.

This is a significant change, you should be prepared to wear your change management hat. Just like most changes there will be resistance. The two main types of resistance we want you to be aware of our skepticism and fear that the system will be used to micromanage their work. How do you address these forms of resistance? Well, for team members that are skeptical you learn from it. Have the implementation team work with them to learn what they’re concerned about Ask your implementation team to show them how their day-to-day work will change with the new system. In this process they might identify gaps that are not being considered for your implementation. This process is good for team, and it’s good for the implementation team.

On the other hand for team members that are concerned about being micromanaged, share with them that the goal is not to micromanage anyone the goal is to have more visibility to support them better in their roles and to grow the business. I’m sure they want to grow your business as much as you do. Thank you very much for watching and we hope this information was helpful, you can find a link below to our full blog post on this topic and Please subscribe to our channel and join us next week to learn more about how to engage your team in a crm implementation! Thank you!

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