Hi, I’m Kristen Ennis, with Mocko Consulting, and today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and walk you through how we helped support a skincare clinic and one of the fastest growing small businesses here in the Denver area by automating their their business processed through an Infusionsoft implementation. First of all, foremost, the skincare clinic wanted to expand their virtual client program.

They had several different systems that were segmented, and this caused disconnected processes. In order to support their growth we needed to take a holistic approach, and examine each step of their business processes.

At the center of everything, we have their CRM which can function as sort of the heartbeat of their business. When clients find their website, they go to their landing page and include a complete quick quiz, that flows through the Infusionsoft CRM Intrests them in a campaign, and puts them in the client portal. We also help the client implement Acuity Scheduling, in order to allow their clients to easily book online. And in order to integrate this with the CRM, our team, here at Mocko Consulting, developed a connector app called scheduler link. When the payments were processed, we needed to connect that with the accounting system, in orders that required shipments, flow over to fulfillment. On top of all of this, we implement a data anylitics platform, which gives an overview of how a business is running, and in particular, managing any exceptions.

Overall, streamlining these processes and connecting the different systems, help to run their business better, and sustain growth. If you’d like to learn more, about how to automate your marketing efforts and streamlining these processes with systems, please subscribe to our channel, and you can also find a full blog post on this topic in the notes below. Thank you so much for watching, and please join us next week to learn about the steps of an implementation.


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