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Your business is growing and maybe things are getting dropped or lost.  Does this sound familiar?


But which one is best for your business? And who has time to research all those options? We do!

Do It Yourself

Are you buried in emails, sticky notes, Word documents, and spreadsheets?

We can help you find the right tool to help you stay on top of your customers and sales tasks so nothing falls through the cracks!

Our CRM Online Courses have all the information you need to find the right CRM and configure your CRM to help you grown your business!

Done With You

Your business is growing, and it is time to get a system in place!

You are looking for a CRM. You know CRM can provide you the foundation for sustainable growth.
You are overwhelmed with the task of choosing and configuring CRM.

We have your back! And we love working with small business owners like you!

Done For You

We have found that although a business may have invested in a CRM system, many users do not fully utilize all of the available features in their CRM.

You know you can be more effective with the system you already have.

Is there a disconnect between SALES and MARKETING in your organization? Even though you have a CRM system it does not mean that everyone is on the same page.

The Mocko Consulting team is simply amazing

The Mocko Consulting team is simply amazing, they have been helping us automate our marketing/sales process and has delivered tremendous value for our company.

Chris Rogers , CO SEO Pros

This helped us think in a new way about our business.

I was convinced that we would need to make a lot of compromises between what we wanted from the CRM and what Small Business CRM coach and the CRM application itself could deliver for us.

Our business had reached a point where I could see no more up-scaling potential and I was worried that we would not find anyone who would understand our business and what we needed.

What we got went beyond what I imagined was possible, we were able to get to a level of customization that solved problems I had almost already accepted as given. Small Business CRM coach quickly understood our business model and the key challenges we were facing and came up with innovative and pragmatic solutions. This helped us think in a new way about our business.

It is energizing and motivating to see what is now possible thanks to our own customized CRM, and with Small Business CRM coach we have a partner to help us get to the next level.

Christian from Vancouver

Natural Acne Clinic

The Natural Acne Clinic initially hired Lidi to help us select and implement a CRM system to help us handle our extreme growth. Lidi did help us implement and dial-in our CRM system and that was just the beginning. She then helped us integrate our CRM and scheduling app by developing a connector. She also helped us develop and deploy a proprietary platform where our Clear Skin Coaches can interact with our clients. Our growth has only accelerated since working with Lidi to implement systems and tech to deliver our Clear Skin Program. Lidi is incredibly honest and trustworthy. She has been there for us on Nights, Weekends, and Vacations the times we had emergencies. There are many great consultants that specialize in tech for large companies. There are not many great one that can design and implement a tech stack geared towards start-ups and small businesses. Thank you Lidi, you are doing a great job!

Michael Gremley , President and COO of Natural Acne Clinic

I learned so much in the CRM Online Course

I learned so much in the CRM Online Course offered by Small Business CRM Coach. Lidi has thought of everything that a business owner should consider when setting up a business. I found a CRM tool to support my business and also thought through many aspects of my business that I had not previously considered. I appreciate how the course moved my thinking forward.

Kathy Yates , Concurrence Consulting

The new CRM significantly improved our business

The new CRM significantly improved our business in a very short period of time. Not only did sales increase, but the time I spent working on sales went down, a lot! I suddenly had time to focus on really finding the right vacations for my clients, rather than spending time on admin & repetitive tasks and just trying to find time to get everything done.

The leads from my website go straight into the CRM, no adding the information manually. The pipeline & related tasks for each client are quick & easy to add in & keep track of in the new system, so nothing gets missed. Once my clients book, I no longer have to spend precious time typing in all the new tasks that need doing, it's set up so everything goes into the system automatically with the right dates, like magic...My new leads also automatically go into my email database, so it's kept up to date with no work from me at all.

Now I have more time to focus on the big picture, think about strategy, marketing, adding more products and many of the important projects, which often got put on the back burner before...I have even had more time to golf!! Thank you so much for your help with finding the right system for our small business, it has made the world of difference in 6 months.

Helen Brown

Increase process efficiencies and decrease manual work

After going through the CRM 101 presentation, I am convinced that many of the tools available through CRM will help increase process efficiencies and decrease much of the manual work.

Frank Torres

Mocko Consulting cuts through the unimportant issues, to provide the best solution possible

The Mocko Consulting team is very good at explaining what CRM is, why every business owner needs it, and most importantly, at explaining which tools would be ideal- or tools to avoid- for each business's needs.

Lidiane Mocko really cuts through all the unimportant issues, to provide the best solution possible.

Melissa Lefcourt

Tremendous knowledge and expertise

Lidi and her team have tremendous knowledge and expertise to help you decide on which CRM system best meets your unique business needs. Take the time and have a conversation to see if she can help you.

Steve Estle , Senior Stryde Business Advisor

Thank you for opening us up to new ideas

We have had the pleasure of Mocko Consulting’s guidance in learning new CRM software. Their team is very knowledgeable with all the platforms and integrating applications that work with our existing system.

Thank you for opening us up to new ideas and stretching our reach to new customers!"

Peter Copeland , Owner, Sir Speedy North Denver

Great Support For Salesforce Data Migration & Customizations

We'd been looking for someone to support a migration to SalesForce for a long time and Lidiane Mocko at Small Business CRM Coach was a perfect fit. She streamlined the process, supported our staff to implement and helped identify critical customizations to make the system work best for our nonprofit. She's also continued supporting us over time, helping us automate some other online processes. Lidi is solution-oriented, dedicated to us as a client and a supporter of our mission.


Keep the sales funnel full!

Our company is under 10 people and we had never used a CRM system before. We hired Mocko Consulting to evaluate our needs and help us determine which software would work best for our sales process. After reviewing a few options we decided on Pipedrive for a few reasons.

First, the deal dashboard is by far the most visually pleasing and it gives us instant awareness of the deal status. Second (and third), it was very affordable and easy to use. Ease of use and speed of entry were major factors for us. The layout is perfectly logical and easy to master. Lastly, there is an easy to use app for your mobile device that allows access to contacts, deals, addresses, etc.

We have entered almost 2,000 deals in the last 12 months and couldn't be more pleased with our decision to hire Mocko Consulting, and the group’s decision to use Pipedrive! Keep the sales funnel full!

Paul From Colorado

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